Equipping Leaders
to Get Results

Leadership Consulting Services


Organizational, Team, and Individual Assessments

My career has taken me through a dozen different organizational cultures: In each culture – healthcare, insurance, non-profit, military, etc - the key to success was great leaders. With great leaders everything gets better, with not-so-great leaders, everything gets worse.

Often leaders don’t know what they don’t know. Many have never been well led themselves, so they end up copying from bad examples. Most don’t understand how to translate their insecurities into influence.

We equip leaders to be better versions of themselves so they can focus on key actions that get results.

Organizational Development Assessments

Many leaders never get the feedback they need to succeed.  Coaching creates a place for your champions to turn insights into habits. The R3 approach is straightforward. 

  • Certified coaches trained to build trust and drive insight.
  • Wide variety of assessments: Workstyle, Flow, Talent and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Weekly or Monthly Accountability & Feedback to increase confidence.
  • Journal and Discussion Guides to help the learning stick.
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Leadership Training

Our trainers offer both in-person and live virtual training.  Choose from a library of over 50 core leader skills.  Each 90 minute class engages learners through interactive discussion, practice, and feedback. We pride ourselves in defining the results you need, identifying the key behaviors that will create those results and then helping leaders turn those behaviors into habits that last for a lifetime.

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Focused Facilitation

Strategic Leader Action Maps™ are the way we move groups from idea to impact. Each “SLAM” focuses on a core necessity: Strategic planning, Change management, Team formation, and more. Customized facilitations, Retreats and Speakers are yours for the asking. Our Master trainers are certified in all of Edward de Bono’s Thinking Tools™.

Workshops and Classes

The business cycle continues to accelerate.  Gone are the days of annual strategic planning sessions.  Today, strategic thinking is an ongoing requirement of every leader’s core job.  R3 Design’s SLAM Sessions fast track your strategic planning, problem solving, and change initiatives. SLAM session facilitators guide your leaders through a 6-8 hour process that makes it easy for them to agree on priorities, roles and responsibilities.   Leaders have one goal:  Transform data into action items.  The end result is an Action Map that provides every leader with clear expectations and accountabilities they need to get results.

Leadership Retreats and SLAMs

Conference Keynotes, Retreats and Breakout sessions available on request.

Don’t settle for a lecture. R3 Sessions are dynamic, interactive and meaningful. We have a special affinity for Healthcare and Government clients looking for insights and best practices.

When you partner with R3Design you are partnering with a team of leaders who want you to succeed.

Schedule a call with Phil today to create your custom leadership journey.
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Consultation Call

First, we will get a clear picture of your current situation, audience size, and delivery method.

Custom Leadership Map

Next, we define your key business needs, metrics, and gaps to focus on results. Knowing our destination, we design a custom leadership map for your leaders.


Next, we equip your leaders to master the tools, behaviors and habits they need to succeed on their leadership journey.

Make Magic

Finally, we step back and watch your leaders make magic.
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