Meet Phil Shearrer
Your Leadership Coach

Hi, I'm Phil.

I have a passion to unleash leader potential.   I work with new supervisors just starting out and with C-suites leading change.  

Leading others is confusing, fun, strange, and challenging - usually all at the same time. It takes wisdom and skill. R3Design equips your leaders with the motivation and the habits to make them successful.
I want your leaders to thrive because great leaders are the key to retention, resilience, and results.  
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I have trained leadership teams in
many different settings:

healthcare, insurance, education, military, public, private, and non-profit.
Despite the variety of missions, visions, and values, leadership is the solution to almost every organizational pain point. Failing leaders stifle initiative, inhibit innovation, and destroy morale. Great leaders align, engage, and inspire.
We say we are competing for talent when it is more accurate to say we are competing for leaders.  You either develop your leaders for success or get run over by those who do.

There is no better place to invest. Great leaders:
Attract and retain top talent
Energize your work culture
Get results
R3 services focus on RESULTS. The three R’s in my company name stand for:  Results, Results, and more Results.  I understand the challenges of shared leadership. I want to help you engineer creative solutions to your most complex problems.  

I equip your leaders with the habits that drive bottom line results. If you are ready to transform your leadership culture, let’s talk!

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