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I’ve developed such a great partnership with Phil. He is an absolute creative mastermind who makes training powerful and engaging. His knowledge base is extensive and his dedication to his craft is obvious in all he does. I always appreciate Phil’s creative approach, how easy he is to work with, and how willing he is to tackle anything we throw at him. Thank you Phil for always being there for us!
President & Founder, Aperio
Phil has the amazing ability to break down the most complex psychology behind organizational dynamics. He uses this ability to cut through the inherent barriers of human nature, reaching every person in the room. Phil is calm yet intense, and always on top of the subject, communication, learning, and interactions. I've attended several of Phil's sessions and I always know I'm leaving with new tools to immediately apply in my work role.
HR Director, UM School of Medicine
UM School of Medicine
Phil has a unique talent of turning topics from ideas to consider to actual tools you can use. He simplifies concepts so you feel confident about how, when, and why to apply the ideas that he is training on. Phil makes the topics specific to your team so you can quickly connect the dots to see how his training can directly benefit yourself and your team. He is engaging and has a passion for training people. His energy and style makes the training feel empowering and re-energizes you and your team.
Director, Lake Regional Hospital
Lake Regional Hospital
Phil knows his stuff backward and forward, not in a rote manner, but from a truly integrated mindset that allows him to pull from his deep body of knowledge and experience to customize training that is on-target for whatever training need is presented. Phil has a special ability to translate his knowledge into wisdom, which is a rare talent. His trainings are filled with insight that participants can grasp and take away in a meaningful, applicable way.
Manager, Shelter Insurance
Shelter Insurance
Phil's thinking brain is always lurking and pondering and it is incredible to work with him and see him accept any given puzzle or topic and how he can break it apart and put it back together again in a new or interesting way. Then, most importantly, convey and communicate those thoughts to others in a way that helps them see things in the same, elevated light. A great brainstorm'er on shared interests and a great teacher with new information.
Entrepreneurship Coordinator, REDI
Phil is an authentic educator, consultant and guide. He embraces every challenge and makes it his own. He has a creative & engaging style that draws learners into the material. I’ve watched Phil teach housekeepers & PHD’s. I’ve seen him present to CEOs & to clerks. He is enthusiastically received by all regardless of rank or occupation. Phil is truly a treasure that can be tapped over & over for any type of training. Any organization would be very fortunate to draw on his talent.
CHRO, MU Healthcare
MU Healthcare
Working with Phil is like having an AI device in the room for tough conversations that can step in, educate or redirect, then blend into the background and let the conversation continue.
CEO, Engineering Survey and Services
Engineering Survey and Services

Tips, Tricks & Tools for Teams

Goodbye Polarization. Hello Dialogue.

Polarization is the challenge to collaboration today.  In our shared media feed the extreme views get the most attention.  In contrast to the hype, the majority of us understand and even appreciate divergent views – as long as they are shared in a respectful way.  Respect is the key.  Even socially polarizing topics like gender, […]

Leading While Distracted

Daily, texting drivers cause collisions.  Distracted, driving too fast or too slow, drifting into oncoming traffic, a distracted driver runs a red light, overturns in a ditch, or something much worse.  We call them accidents, but they are common, predictable, and inevitable.  All it takes is a little bit of inattention.  Just a little.  A […]

Standing in the Heat

When a leader holds a minority view, they must learn to stand in the heat of the majority’s response. Stating your opinions in front of a watching world is a not neutral activity.  Social Media has made this easy but not safe.  Unless you live in an echo chamber, the moment you express yourself to […]
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